Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Ring Security" in Action at William and Lauren's Wedding

William & Lauren's Ring Bearers - Kent Buttars, A Heavenly Ceremony
Kent and I always head to the photo booth at wedding receptions.  Sad face ... I wasn't able to attend this one ... so Kent went looking for trouble.

He found Hunter and Chase, the ring bearers.  Both were wearing their "Ring Security" t-shirts and ready for action.

The three had a pretty good time, I'd say.

Lauren sent along the photos.  So glad she did!

Photobooths are just plain fun!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Clock Theme For Shanon and Kris's Wedding -- and Their Engagement Photos

Shan and Kris plan a clock theme for their wedding - Patricia Stimac and Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiants

When I met Kris and Shanon, I was so excited to hear about their wedding plans (more on that to come).

Since they chose a clock theme for their celebration, this engagement photo is so perfect for them.

Sean Hoyt of Affinity Photography has posed a challenge to see if anyone knows where it was taken.  Hint:  somewhere in Seattle.

Wishing this creative and inventive couple the best in their life together.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jan Roelof and Eugenia's Engagement Photos at Golden Gardens

Engagement photo of Eugenia and Jan Roelof at Golden Garden - Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding OfficiantEugenia and Jan Roelof are an international couple who plan to wed later this month at The Canal.

When we met for their wedding ceremony planning session, both raved about John Chin and how comfortable they felt doing their engagement photographs.

Jan Roelof and Eugenia's engagement photo at Golden Gardens beach - Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiant
Eugenia and Jan Roelof's photo at Golden Gardens - Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiant
I thought that was a very nice compliment for John!

And it bodes well for their wedding photos as well.

Eugenia and Jan Roelof look so happy.  And their ceremony is going to be wonderful.  (Kent will be officiating for them.)  Many bright days are in their future together.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Jen and Jeff Wed at Crystal Mountain

Wedding ceremony atop Crystal Mountain - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

What could be more beautiful than this?  Family and friends gathered from across the country, rode the gondola to the top of Crystal Mountain, and witnessed Jeff and Jen exchange their wedding vows.  

It was calm and warm atop the mountain.  The wind gently blew the clouds away from Mt. Rainier and at the end of the ceremony, the sun broke through.  Now, that's a blessing.

Thanks to Rick Takagi for this lovely photo.  More to come ...

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Anthony & Elisha Wed on the Fourth of July - Chewie, Their Dog, Has Central Role

Elisha and Anthony with their dog, Chewie, after their wedding ceremony - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
In Seattle, folk wisdom says the summer begins the day after the Fourth of July.  This year, we lucked out and had a perfect sunny afternoon.

(Yes, we're getting ready to go to see the Fireworks on Lake Union and it has started to rain ... so sad.)

Elisha was beautiful, Anthony handsome and Chewie ... well, Chewie is in a class of his own.  Quite the dapper doggie.
Elisha and Anthony with their dog, Chewie, after their wedding ceremony - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

Chewie is obviously a loved wedding dog - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

And, obviously, Chewie knows he is loved!

More photos to follow.  

Wishing Anthony and Elisha (and Chewie) a very happy life together!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Investment in Planning a Personal Wedding Ceremony is Worth the Effort!

We love our ceremony ... and we really enjoyed putting it together.  I'm glad we took this time to really work on it and talk through it and use it to discuss our intentions for marriage, as well as for the rest of the wedding. 


Just received this email from Eddie and Nicole this afternoon. It was a pleasure to hear these words.

Kent and I truly would like the words we speak at a couple's wedding ceremony to be words that reflect them, that inspire, that offer hope, that celebrate their good fortune.  I'm smiling as I write this because a ceremony is such a special moment and it always makes us happy!

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Private Wedding Ceremonies - Very Intimate, Very Personal

There are good reasons to have a private wedding ceremony - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
Tonight I had the great good fortune to officiate for a couple at Green Lake (we are located just a few blocks away).  They invited their moms and sister and two friends.

We found the perfect place in front of a mock orange tree.  It was in full bloom:  both beautiful to look at and scrumptious to smell.

The two want to keep their wedding private because they will soon have a public ceremony.

So why have a private ceremony?

There are so many reasons, assuming the couple are truly in love and have seriously considered their decision.  (Kent always says that marriage is THE most important decision in life): 
  • If the bride or groom are in the military, it may be advantageous to be married in order to receive military housing or other benefits.
  • If either needs insurance coverage.
  • If they want a destination wedding with just the two of them in Seattle.
  • If they want a destination wedding in a foreign country and want to be sure their marriage is recognized in the United States.
  • If they are located far from family and friends.
  • If there are immigration concerns.
  • If one is seriously ill and the healthy spouse needs to be able to have access to the other spouse.
  • If the couple has financial concerns.
  • If there are children involved.
  • If the two are ready to be together and aren't ready to have it publicly known.
And there are so many more.

Remember, a private ceremony can be a very sweet and intimate experience, filled with loving emotion and hope.

Kent and I both enjoy officiating them.

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