Monday, August 17, 2015

Trash the Dress - Water Fun at Rattlesnake Lake

Andrew and Nikki love the Pacific NW:  the water, the mountains, the Sound and the ocean and lots of lakes.  They enjoy the outdoors and hiking and all types of nature activities.  The two chose to wed at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center, which is a lovely natural venue, right on Rattlesnake Lake.

After the ceremony and reception, it was time for a little water fun.  Yes, it was a warm day and the water felt good. 

It reminded me of younger days when we lived near a lake in Northern Minnesota. (Well, actually two lakes - one for swimming and one for fishing.)  

Doesn't this look like fun!

Very spontaneous and full of life, just like Nikki and Andrew.

Wishing the two health, long lives and happiness (along with prosperity)!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Alderbrook Resort Destination for Renee and CJ's Wedding

CJ and Renee wed at Alderbrook Resort this summer.  What an ideal spot!  The weather was gorgeous, the people joyous and the celebration in full gear. Plus, there was live South Seas music to get everyone in that tropical mood.

I like the trend of shades of one color with various bride's maid dress styles.  Of course, pinks and corals are very popular.

Do you think the guys were having a good time or what?

And check out the snazzy socks.  Seahawks colors for sure. (Yes, there is a tie in here.)

Isn't this an incredible view for a wedding?   Wow, mountains, the Hood Canal, and sunshine.  A
perfect day!!

Anticipation and excitement while awaiting the bride's entrance. Smiles all around.

Here's the grand overview.  Spectacular! 

Accept this ring as a symbol
  of my love and faithfulness. 

As I place it on your hands,
  I commit my heart and soul 
  to you.
Please wear it 
  as a reminder of the vows
  we have spoken today, 
  our wedding day. 

With this ring, I thee wed.

Married and happy!  What more can you say.

Well, actually, there is a lot to say.  All of it filled with joy.

I'm a tall person and so are Renee and CJ and their wedding party.

Wishing the bride and groom happiness and love neverending.

Many thanks to CJ and Renee's wedding team:
Planner:  Brittany Kukal
Photographer:  Matt Priestman
Florist:  Jody King Erickson

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Wedding Activities for Children

Ed and Shannon planned out so many fun things for their guests.  One of these was a Factology Booklet written by the bride and groom with all types of things for youngsters to do:  finding words, checking out the Center for Wooden Boats for certain items, filling in the called for actions.

Very creative and very personal. 

Dr. Helena Amber Gerr leads you through.  She's a class act and clearly an adventurer.

Couldn't wait to share this with you all!  Great work, Ed and Shannon.  I enjoyed looking through all the experiences.

It is obvious you care about all the youngsters at your celebration.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One, Two, Three ... It is the day I marry Thee!

hen I see this photo, I smile from ear to ear.  Corinna and Ryan are so very happy.  And we are very lucky to be around this much happiness on a regular basis.  It is quite a gift. 


The bride and groom were the last couple to wed at the Weyerhaeuser Estate in Tacoma.  It is an incredible historic venue and has a magnificent view of the Sound.  

Corinna and Ryan selected a reading entitled "All I Want," which they alternated reading to each other.  One of my favorite passages is
"All I want is to grow old with you...
to watch our life unfold,
our dreams, one by one, come true."

 And, of course, The Kiss!

 Then it was time to celebrate.

The table settings were beautiful.  (I'm partial to the natural look.)

The candy table had something for everyone.

And the photo booth offered tons of fun possibilities. 

"Thank you Pat, for truly an AMAZING ceremony!! It was just perfect for us. We cannot thank you enough for officiating our ceremony, meeting with us for pre-wedding sessions, helping us through the process, and for celebrating our day as a special guest!
~ Corinna and Ryan

A very sweet amd memorable day.

Wishing Corinna and Ryan just as sweet and memorable life together!! 

Thanks to all the wedding professionals who helped make the couple's dreams a reality.
  Craig Jenkins "DJ Dice" of Harbor Productions
  Jason and Hannah Comerford of Jason Comerford Photography

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

One Plus One Equals True Love!

There really is something about love that is magical.  When I see couples walking hand in hand or stopping for a hug or a kiss, it warms my heart.  (OK, PDA of this sort is fine by me.)

Jeremy and Brittney are definitely in love!  We got together recently to focus on the wording of their ceremony.  Of course, we get to hear how the two of them met and fell in love.  (We really like that part.)

The two are going to celebrate their good fortune this fall at Hidden Meadows.  So happy they have found their "one" and looking forward to continuing to co-create a perfectly them ceremony.

Photo credit to Lisa Marie Imagery.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love Story - Cute, Cute Quote!

Isn't this a great quote?

Love stories are so special.  Kent and I enjoy listening to each couple we meet and hearing their "stories."  There is just something wonderful and soul-heartening in each one.

It also reminds us of "our story."  This always brings a smile to our faces.

Love truly is beautiful!

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Grand Ridge Manor to Host Andres and Danielle's Wedding!

Love began at the gym for Andres and Danielle.  He was working there and Danielle was taking a small step into gym life.  It was perfect!  Danielle soon made friends with several ladies preparing for a body building competition and decided to do the same.

A great incentive was seeing that big, beautiful smile on Andres' face every time she worked it.  Now that's inspiration.

Soon the two were making small talk near the vending machine, which led to lunch ... and, well, the rest is history.

In a few weeks, the two will become "husband and wife" at Grand Ridge Manor and will begin their life together as a married couple.  Wishing them the very best!!

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